Dr Rashel Professional Deplatory Creamy Wax-400g


Professional Deplatory Creamy Wax

With Aloe Vera Extract For All Types Of Skin

Dermatologically tested

Net wt. 400g

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Dr Rashel Professional Deplatory Creamy Wax-400g

Directions: Wash your skin throughly. After drying, carefully apply a small quantity of wax on the roots of the hair and spread evenly thin layer in the direction of hair growth such a way that it covers all the hair. Cover the area with a thick. piece of cotton cloth. Massage the cloth for a while with a finger tips. Peel off the cloth to the opposite direction of hair growth with a jerk. Repeat the process if some hair left.

Precutions: The skin must be clean & dry before waxing. don’t let the wax dry on the skin . Make sure your skin is clean and free from oil lotion. The wax should not come into contact with water as they become ineffective. Don’t use wax on spots, acne, cuts, moles, irritated and burned skin. Keep the jar tightely closed after use.

Tips for use: For the best results, hair to be removed at least 4-5mm (1/4″)  length for the wax strip to grip effectively. this means letting your hair grow for at least two weeks.


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