Arabic Perfumed Body Spray-200ml Each |Sabaya|Sultanat|Emotional|Real Marriage|Darahim|Aseel|Al Fares|Lucky Lady|


  •  Sabaya 
  • Sultanat 
  • Emotional 
  • Real Marriage 
  • Darahim 
  • Aseel
  • Al Fares 
  • Lucky lady
  • 249/Each


Arabic Perfumed Body Spray-200ml Each | Sabaya | Sultanat | Emotional | Real Marriage | Darahim | Aseel | Al Fares |

Each Body Spray 200ml 6.76 fl.oz. (IMPORTED PRODUCTS )LASTING 12 HOURSAL -FARES :INTRODUCED another delightful scent to their AL- FARES for men and women, Its a perfect wear during the Summer and winter nights gathering with family and friends.

For External Use Only

Highly Inflammeable


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